Sleep Medicine

Are you sleepy?

Sleep Medicine is a field of medicine that is multi-disciplinary and deals with all disorders of sleep including obstructive sleep apnea syndrome, insomnia, obesity hypoventilation syndrome, narcolepsy, restless legs syndrome, hypersomnia, nocturnal epilepsy, and night terrors. 

Dr. Bhandari’s practice is different than most sleep medicine practices, as he dedicated a year to fellowship training in  Sleep Medicine under the supervision of world-class faculty. 

The importance of Sleep Medicine has be underappreciated in the past few decades. It has only recently gained its proper recognition. Poor sleep has been linked to multiple conditions; all of which can be potentially improved with better sleep quality. Dr. Bhandari not only helps to tease out what is affecting your sleep but also how to treat it.  

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What is a polysomnogram (PSG)?

A PSG - colloquially called a sleep study, is an overnight study designed to monitor and record multiple channels in reference to sleep. You may need a sleep study if you gasp or choke during sleep, snore, wake up tired, have trouble falling or staying asleep, have mood swings, take daytime naps, feel sleepy during the daytime, and/or have morning headaches. If you have these symptoms, it is best to speak with a sleep specialist. 


Who actually interprets a PSG?

Dr. Bhandari goes through every epoch (30 second page) of the sleep study to make sure the diagnosis made is accurate as possible. This, unfortunately, is not true for every sleep specialist where sometimes a sleep technologist creates a report without the doctor reviewing the data.  Here at Nidraveda, the notion is echoed that patients always come first. 

Dental Devices for Sleep Apnea?

We believe in comprehensive care. So, besides CPAP/APAP/BPAP, Provent, and surgical options, dental devices are a treatment option we believe in. Dentists we work with create custom made dental devices for obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS). Dental devices are an excellent treatment option for certain cases of OSAS and snoring. Most patients are covered under their existing health insurance.  If you are interested in using a dental device for your OSAS or snoring, please contact us or give us a call.

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