Fellowship Trained Difference

At Nidraveda, we believe better care, in part, stems from dedicated fellowship training.  We treat all areas of neurology and sleep including sleep apnea, seizures, stroke, headaches, multiple sclerosis, and more. 

Patients First

Our mantra at Nidraveda, is and always will be - patients first. We are here for you. We believe treating your condition starts by listening to what you have to say first. 

Cutting Edge

Whether it is using an upper airway stimulation device or a dental device to treat sleep apnea or CGRP class medications to treat headaches, we stay on top of the latest and best treatment options to give you an arsenal of choices. 

Comprehensive Care

From the time you come in to the time you leave, we make your best  efforts to cover every aspect of why you are here. We pay attention to the small details and to the large picture. 

Quick Scheduling

Why wait weeks to months to see a neurologist or sleep medicine specialist? At Nidraveda, we block off dedicated slots for same or next day appointments. We keep you in mind. 

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We are enrolled with the Compassionate Use Registry of Texas (CURT). This registry was put into motion by the Texas Compassionate Use Act. This act was passed by the Texas Legislature in 2015 and updated in 2019, allowing neurologists to treat and prescribe low-THC cannabis for select neurological conditions including epilepsy, spasticity, multiple sclerosis, autism, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, terminal cancer, and neurodegenerative diseases. If you are interested and believe you qualify, please call us to schedule an appointment. 

We are here for you. Let us take care of your health.

Patients first. 

At Nidraveda, we strive to keep patients' well being our first priority.  Here is one of many examples of what some of our patients think of the care provided at Nidraveda. We are looking forward to helping you as well! 

4358 Lockhill Selma Road, Suite 106, Shavano Park, TX 78249

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